Joint Astroparticle Physics Seminar

Welcome to the webpage of the Joint Astroparticle Physics Seminar, organised by the groups E15 and T30d. This seminar aims at bringing experimentalists and theorists together to discuss topics of common interest in astroparticle physics. The talks will be kept at a level accessible to both communities and there will be plenty of time for discussion. A similar format has been tried in the past with great success.

The seminars take place each Friday at TU Munich, Physics Department, Garching.

For suggestions or other, contact us:
Alejandro Ibarra (ibarra [at]
Jean Lanfranchi (jean.lanfranchi [at]
Miguel Pato (miguel.pato [at]

Winter Semester 2013/2014

Room: PH 3344
Time: 11:00

25.10.2013 [experiment] Randolph Möllenberg Neutrino astronomy with LENA
08.11.2013 [theory] Sergio López Gehler Constraining dark matter models with novel gamma-ray spectral features
15.11.2013 [experiment] Moritz von Sivers Rare Event Searches with Inorganic Scintillators
22.11.2013 [theory] Stefan Vogl Collider dark matter constraints
29.11.2013 [experiment] Alexander Neumeier Scintillation in liquid noble gases
06.12.2013 [theory] Sebastian Wild High-energy neutrino signals from the Sun induced by Dark Matter annihilations
13.12.2013 [experiment] Achim Gütlein Low temperature detectors for rare event searches
10.01.2014 [theory] Anna Lamperstorfer The positron fraction
17.01.2014 [experiment] Andreas Zöller Status of the Present CRESST Dark Matter Run
24.01.2014 [experiment] Andrea Lazzaro First GERDA results on the neutrinoless double beta decay
07.02.2014 [theory] Camilo Garcia-Cely Dark Radiation and some constraints from dark matter direct searches

Summer Semester 2014

Room: PH 3344
Time: 14:00

11.04.2014 [theory] Emiliano Molinaro Probing the origin of neutrino masses at the energy and intensity frontiers
25.04.2014 [experiment] Sabine Roth Modeling of the Light Emission from Anorganic Scintillators for Future Direct Dark Matter Searches
09.05.2014 [theory] Javier Redondo Searching for axion dark matter
16.05.2014 [experiment] Thomas Faestermann Two-body weak decay of highly charged ions, a tool to study neutrino properties?
23.05.2014 [experiment] Marianne Göger-Neff Results from the Borexino experiment
06.06.2014 [experiment] Raimund Strauss New results from the CRESST experiment
13.06.2014 [theory] Sergio Palomares-Ruiz On the flavor composition of the high-energy neutrinos in IceCube
04.07.2014 [theory] Francesc Ferrer Direct dark matter detection with third generation experiments